Tuesday, November 22, 2011

buy now or forever i will sleep

I’m Selling Dreams

Ladies and gentlemen from the city!
I have a special proposal for you.
You mustn’t miss the opportunity -
Today I am selling dreams that come true!

Prick up your ears and line up here.
You really won’t pay dearly for them.
Nothing is at a high price – don’t fear!
You can afford them – It’s a real gem!


I can choose diverse dreams for each of you
And find something special for broken hearts,
For the disappointed – today it’s new –
This sort is limited in several parts!

Watch out! Don’t push your way and mind your turn!
I can’t manage to pull them off a shelf.
I am tired but happy – my cheeks burn...
Stop! I have to keep a dream for myself...

Jolanta Gradowicz


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