A b o u t

Photography was something that came to me unexpectedly. I am a Biology graduate and I wanted to be a veterinarian. 

Then fate led me to an experience that taught me how beautiful the world is, how beautiful life is. My eyes were opened to the RAWness of everything that surrounds me. I got fond of collecting plants and breeding animals such as birds, dogs, scorpions, crickets, etc. I enjoyed hiking, diving, and other things that make me one with nature. 

I wanted to share with others the beauty in the world that I see. 

I wanted to tell stories, but writing failed me. So I expressed them through drawing and painting, until I tried to capture it through a photograph.

 First click, ideas came popping in, followed by a rapid succession of more clicks, and then I found myself drawn into photography. 

My love for sharing the experience keeps my sanity. Photography keeps me grounded. It is dramatic and mysterious, something that is challenging and evolving. 

I love capturing emotions of real people. I love taking photos of children and what they are. I love taking photos of fishermen. Photography for me is also like fishing. You go there without certainty on what you can bring back from it.

I practiced photography with different groups of people. I started with GrinArt then eventually got into MangoRed. They all provided me with good experiences that really brought out the best in me as a photographer. But it came to a point that what was once a passion already felt like a job, and it started stressing me out instead of enjoying it. So I decided to go on my own and went back to what made me love photography. I wanted to bring back the passion. 

I wanted quality photos that would show quality life. Through my photos, I want to touch other people’s lives, open their eyes and mind to what is beautiful, what life is, what man is capable of, and what God is. This is not just clicking. It is living. It’s life. It’s KenPornillos Photography. ^___^

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