Sunday, May 8, 2011


HMUA: Biene Ybanez : Liloan Cebu City
with Marlon Capuyan, James Diayon, and Jayson Domingo

We could pack our things
Or just leave everything
Let’s leave it all behind
Cause we’ve been waiting on this for the longest time
Never a day it doesn’t cross our minds
You and me
Me and you
We don’t know where we’re gonna run to
That open highway is calling our name
If we stay here things will never change
Maybe me and you can stay the same
All I need
Could be sitting right there next to me
We could be like Romeo and Juliet
Riding into sunsets
If you runaway with me
We could rise before the dawn
By the look in your eyes
They’ll never know we’re gone
And we don’t have to be alone
You and me
Me and you
We know where we’re gonna run to
Waiting on the sun to set
Yesterday’s not over yet
Cause you ran away with me
Don’t you drift away from me
Just run away with me

by Courtney Casebolt

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